Non-woven – 1″ diameter

The small diameter of the 1-inch non-woven finishing flap wheel is ideal for preparing or finishing tight spaces.


The 1/4″ shank non-woven finishing flap wheel is composed of textured aluminum oxide flaps arranged radially. This fan-shaped arrangement allows the 1-inch wheel to reach difficult-to-access areas, as well as work on profiled or flat parts with great precision. Depending on the chosen grit, it can be used for removing light marks, preparing a part before polishing, or achieving a surface finish.

Recommended use (s):
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1” x 1” (Diameter x Width)

Grit Max RPM Product # Qty/Pkg
Coarse 15,000 28901 10
Medium 15,000 28902 10
Fine 15,000 28903 10
Very Fine 15,000 28904 10
Super Fine 15,000 28905 10
Ultra Fine 15,000 28906 10