Surface conditioning – Type R

The fastener allow quick changeovers between grits or tools using the same mounting system.


The quick-change surface conditioning disc with Type R attachment is composed of aluminum oxide grains. The non-woven texture of the disc increases rigidity and stability during use. The disc is well-suited for light deburring and finishing of all types of metals. The quick-change disc allows the user to easily interchange discs and thus have perfect control over the desired finish. The plastic adapter of the Type R attachment allows the disc to be quickly and easily attached by simply rotating it 180° after pressing it onto the backing pad.

Recommended use (s):
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1-1/2” (Diameter)

Grit Product # Qty/Pkg
Coarse 25185 100
Medium 25184 100
Very Fine 25183 100

2” (Diameter)

Grit Product # Qty/Pkg
Coarse 25188 100
Medium 25187 100
Very Fine 25186 100

3” (Diameter)

Grit Product # Qty/Pkg
Coarse 25191 50
Medium 25190 50
Very Fine 25189 50